The seven most important factors when choosing a builder

The Seven most important factors when choosing a builder

Choosing a builder for a new home can be time-consuming, but it’s time well-spent considering the amount of money involved.

Here are seven important factors you should take into consideration before making your final decision

Price and budget

There are specialist builders for first-time buyer homes, mid-range project homes, top-end custom designs, and for the very high budget, there are luxury builders. There is little point approaching a first-home builder to build a custom home because their budget, repeat design and business model will most likely prevent them from being able to be competitive in a one-off build. Make sure the builder you choose offers the pricing structure that you want. Its important to make sure you understand the pricing structure clearly and how it works, including variations to the contract and what changes to the contract mean and how these will be charged to you 

Reputation and references

A builders reputation is a valuable asset. Looking at the reputation of the builder and their service in consistently providing quality work.

It is very important to read reviews and speak to past or current clients before you sign. Word of mouth is a good way to know about the builder’s reputation. Talk to people that have worked with the builder, used the builder and worked alongside them. A good builder will have no issue with letting you speak to customers and they should be able to supply good, verifiable references.


Make sure the builder you want to choose has experience. Look at the years that the builder has been in the construction industry and if they have the correct and up to date accreditation. It is important that you align the skills of the builder with the home you want to be built. It’s vital to get the right builder for your project who will deliver what you want, for the price you want, and with the level of service, you need. New builders might not have the experience and skills to provide the quality service that you want, compared to an experienced builder who has the skills and the facilities to build the home you want and need

Financial Stability

In today’s highly competitive market, builders are cutting prices to keep busy. You may have got the best price, but if the builder is not around to build for you’re only adding unnecessary money and time to your build. A good idea is to source a credit reference, which can be easily accessed from any number of online agencies. It’s not a guarantee to performance, but it’s one of the best sources of information about the financial strength of a company. Pay particular care to check if the company pays its suppliers on time and if it has a good rating in the industry as this will ultimately affect you and the length of time it takes to build your new. 

Home Style and Preferences

Many builders specialise in certain styles. Looking at past work of the builder ensures they are up to par with your expectations and gives you an impression of the builders work, professionalism and culture.  Most builders put pictures and details of previous houses they have constructed on their website. If you have a particular type of home in mind, ask the builder how many homes they have built-in that style. The company may have a beautiful portfolio of drawn designs but have never built the one you want. If you like what you see, then you are one step closer to choosing the perfect builder for your home. 


To keep costs to a minimum ensure your builder is relatively local to your area, this may make a difference in start and finish times and how quickly your new home build progresses. When putting a price together, a builder outside his area will add a contingency in case they need it such as travel times for them and their team. Finding a company that’s happy and well-represented in the area you want to live in will save you time and money through the length of your build. 


Professional builders will always distinguish themselves from the competition. Your home should reflect your personality and taste which is why a professional builder should customise their processes to suit your vision. A professional builder will use their insight from many years of experience to overcome, issues without disruption communicating with you every step of the way. Trusting your home builder is paramount, and this working relationship should be built up by the professional service you receive from them, giving you confidence in their ability to build the home of your dreams. 

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