Queenslanders choice for designing your new home.

You bring the land, we bring the plan.

Whether you are after a future investment property, a home for the family or a luxury establishment, we have a range of brand new beautifully designed single and double storey home designs to suit you and families your needs. With affordable prices and a wide range of magnificent new home designs to choose from you will be spoilt for choice at QPB. A home design offers first time home buyers a variety of choice, offering a selection of spacious, modern and comfortable homes with style and affordability in mind to suit any budget. Each home design caters to a different lifestyle, as your layout should be functional as well as stylish. If you are the entertainer type who wants to impress, we have the option of homes that include a spacious alfresco area. Alternatively, if you are someone who values quiet nights in, we can include a space to give you your dream of a home movie theatre. 


Our home designs can fit land of lots of different sizes, shapes, and locations. If your block is long and narrow in an already established suburb, we can help you to choose a floor plan which fits the current environment. Larger blocks offer a lot of choices for your new home, giving you the option of choosing a position which works best for you and your family. At QPB we will give you everything you are looking for, It will be the perfect balance between luxury, comfort, and affordability, making your domain a place you are proud to call home.


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